How to Use the BOMB Money Mobile App

Looking to use the world’s easiest crypto wallet and staking app?  After you’ve downloaded the BOMB Money Mobile App for Android or iOS, follow these 3 easy steps to start earning high yields on your favourite crypto! 


  1. Click on “Create a new Wallet”.  This one click is all you need to create your wallet and begin your adventure into crypto! 
  2. If you want to buy crypto, click on the “Stake” tab at the bottom and click “Buy Crypto”, then follow the instructions for your local currency.  Note that this step will be different depending on the region you are accessing the app from. 
  3. Now that you have crypto in your wallet, you can create a stake position to start earning yields!  Click on the “Earn” tab and select the crypto you want to stake.  Click “Create Stake” and then input how much crypto and how long you want to stake for.  Then click “Approve” (first time only*) and “Stake now” and approve both transactions in your wallet.  


Voila! You’re now earning yields on your staked crypto position! 


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Additional tips

*Approve button: 

Note that the BOMB Mobile App is powered by a smart contract on BOMB Chain, our custom-built blockchain, which handles all aspects of the app.  This provides full transparency into everything occurring within the app and with the funds being staked.  As a result, you need to approve your wallet to interact with the smart contract in order to create the stake position and earn high yields. 


Depositing crypto: 

If you already have crypto on a different wallet, you can send it to your new BOMB wallet in order to earn yields on it. To do so, simply click the “Stakes” tab and click “Deposit”.  Then choose the crypto you’d like to send to your BOMB wallet and follow the on-screen instructions.  


Stake duration: 

BOMB Money offers staking lengths of 90, 180, 270, and 360 days.  The longer you stake your crypto for, the higher annualized interest rate you will earn.  


Check out the current rates for the different staking terms here